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Hey there.


Camille is a director (she also produces and edits...) much like every person living in Los Angeles. She specializes in crafting vivid lifestyle commercials and cheeky comedic spots as well as bold music videos. She produces through her company Wiseacre Creative, not to toot her own horn.


She is the daughter of two Polish immigrants (yes, she speaks it), a native of San Francisco (yes, she fits the stereotype), and studied directing at Chapman University (no, she did not retain anything). She is a recipient of the Panavision New Filmmaker grant and the Women of Chapman Distinguished Filmmaker Award.


She is based out of LA, along with her two rescue dogs Vicky and Glenn, but happy to work anywhere. She is afraid of geese and the dark and enjoys lengua tacos. She's sorry if all this is tooting that previously mentioned horn (she didn't intend to).

Here are some kind internet comments about her work: 

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Los Angeles, CA

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